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Prayer Requests March 2024: Watchmen Before the Throne

A group of fellow believers unite in prayer as one in our Messiah Jesus.


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Ready? Let the battle commence. Intercessory prayer is strategic, seeking God’s face, His will, His direction.


I waited expectantly, patiently for the Lord until He reached down to me and heard my cry. —Psalm 40:1


March 2024

6 Prayer Listings




1 Samuel 2:1b,2

“My heart exults in the LORD! . . . There is none holy like the LORD, for there is none like You; there’s no rock like our God.”


We prayed for K.M. (last prayer list) who was experiencing the wounds of a breaking marriage.


Well, God stepped in! K.M. sought the Lord, heard from Him, and was joyfully blessed by God’s intervention. Her husband has turned his heart toward the marriage and is seeking God’s desire.


It’s a process, so more prayers are needed. But they’re taking the first steps for reconciliation, working through issues and intending to seek pastoral counseling.


May our King continue to draw them to Himself, His ways, His love, and to one another—a three-stranded-cord marriage. Thank you, Lord. You are the GREAT I AM, overflowing with power, kindness, and mercy. Praise His Holy, Glorious NAME.



Isaiah 42:16

This sweet Christian brother is going through a shifting from the Lord. He’s at a crossroads, searching for a new place to live after being with his two brothers for a long time. He’s seeking God’s direction and favor for a peaceful transition—and salvation for his older brother, James.



PSALM 57:1

We’ve prayed for her before—back in November and December 2023 about her cancer diagnosis. Now she’s begun radiation treatment. May God spread His glorious wings, sheltering her in His mercy and healing.



PSALM 63:7

A beautiful sister in the Lord recently had to downsize again and has boxes everywhere . . . but has COPD (on oxygen) and other health issues. She needs God’s wisdom, perseverance, and blessings from others to help when she’s ready for extra hands.



PSALM 18:28

This dear 25-year-old is in a difficult battle against cancer of the esophagus. May the Lord rise up and command the enemy’s hands removed from her and may the blood of Jesus cover and heal her.



2 CORINTHIANS 4:8-9, 16-18

Being on the frontlines of this powerful ministry (from Israel, to Israel, and out to the world), the Behold Israel team (in Israel, the US, Canada) and their family members are under heavy attack. Please pray for them! They give so much to the work of the Lord despite their trials.


* Israel: Amir (Israeli Jew/Christian, ministry founder), his wife (Miriam), and family. Two of their four children—a son and a daughter—are serving in the IDF. Need I say more? Their eldest son has served prior. Amir is pressing forward like a modern-day Paul, focused on the Lord. May God greatly shield their entire family on all levels, blessing them at every turn.

* Stateside: Gale (VP of Ministry Service) and his family are likewise being hit hard. His adult son (early 40s) has leukemia and has started treatment. The entire family needs the Lord’s gentle touch, His healing hand and deep mercy through this extremely difficult season.

* Canada: Nick (Director of BI in Canada) is suffering with severe back and body pain. May our King speak healing and comfort over him—and may God’s grace and rest cover his wife Tina and their family.

* Stateside: Joanne (BI’s Ministry Care Coordinator) has been enduring some serious health issues and faces yet another surgery. May the Lord lift her to His heart and breathe healing throughout her body, mind, and soul.

* Stateside: Pastor Mike’s father (Gary) is quite ill and in the hospital. May the Lord embrace Gary and his entire family with His comfort, strength, and deep peace.

* Stateside: Steve Yohn (writer/editor who teams with Amir on his books) has had a lengthy health battle. May the Lord bring forth the right doctors, excellent medical staff, and best treatments to usher in complete healing bathed in God’s immense mercy. And, if He’s willing, may He intervene with supernatural healing.


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