Desire Of My Soul

Combat Zone: Three Scripture Examples


Connected upward, yet pulled downward.

That is the battle within your soul.

But it’s for a purpose. And it’s good.


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Take a sec to read three quick examples of how the translated word “soul” is synonymously used for those three Hebrew words used in the COMBAT ZONE SERIES: PART 2—SOUL NUANCES (neshama/nishmat, ruach, nefesh) and even their equivalent in the New Testament Greek.


1. Job said, “As God lives, who has taken away my right,
and the Almighty has established my soul (nefesh, my life force, rested breath).
For as long as my soul (nishmat, breath of life attached to God) is within me
and the spirit (ruach, breath, wind) of God is in my nostrils,
my lips will speak no injustice and my tongue will utter no deceit.
Job 27:2-4


2. The spirit (ruach, breath, wind) of God made me, and the breath (nishmat, breath of life, attached to God) of the Almighty keeps me alive.—Job 33:4


3. There also are poetic uses of these synonyms, like the metaphor in the New Testament’s letter to the Hebrews (4:12) that vividly underscores the laser-like intensity of God’s Word (active, alive, sharper than any two-edge sword) to expose our thoughts and intentions . . .


It can divide the “soul”—(Greek is psyches like nefesh for self, human person, the consequence of God’s blowing life into a person)—from the “spirit” (Greek is pneumatos, like ruach for breath, wind, spirit).


Meaning: The razor-sharp sword of God’s Word slices through (divides) the intricately connected nuances of the soul much like it can slice through our physical joints from its innermost part, the heart-of-the-matter marrow.


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