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Flashes of Lightning: Standing Watch [2019 – Shaking]

A divine spark. A flash image. A scripture suspended before me. This series shares soul-to-soul watchwords that I believe the Lord has impressed on me for this season, hour, moment that we’re in.

This watchword shook my soul—and my physical surroundings.


“I will take my stand at my watchpost and station myself on the tower, and look out to see what He will say to me.” —Habakkuk 2:1


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WATCHWORD GIVEN: JULY 3, 2019 at 1:50 am PST


God’s powerful, immeasurable vastness astonishes me. Enthralls me. Frightens me. Humbles me. I am finite . . . from dust. He is the Great I AM.


Shaking. That was the watchword the LORD had me pray in those wee hours in early July 2019. The focus then and going forward—even into the end of 2020—has been Psalm 29.


The Lord had led me to pray, reflect, breathe in, and exhale Psalm 29—peering into the words, the meanings behind the words, and burrowing in-between the letters—over and over and over and over and over again. And I haven’t stopped.


Peering into these scriptures about His weightiness and holiness continues to silence me, moving me to repentance on new and unexpected levels.


Psalm 29 is for this time. An hour like none other before it in history, when the birth pains of what is coming alert us, awaken us from our slumber. Seven times the psalm speaks of the voice of the Lord, giving us a window into His depth and power.


Orthodox rabbis sense the shift toward end-time events. Messianic Jews/Christians recognize it from biblical prophecies. Whether God moves soon or, in His mercy, waits another decade or two or three, one thing is clear:


We have turned a corner,
and there is no going back to the way things were.
We are on His divine trajectory.


This is a soul-call . . . to deeper reverence for Him, acknowledging His might, the awe that is Him. The unknowingly knowable One. The hidden-yet-revealed One. The unseen-yet-seen-with-the-eyes-of-the-soul One.


So no matter what lies ahead for this world,
you’ll know where to fix your eyes.
You’ll know that He is on the throne—the one and only Mighty God.
He sits above the flood . . .
meaning kings and kingdoms come and go, but God reigns.
He alone is steadfast, the stability of our times.
He won’t be surprised or shaken by the turning of things.
Yet, promising to be your shielded cleft in the storm,
your strength, your blessing,
your peace and completeness . . . your shalom.


He alone deserves PRAISE and WORSHIP.

He alone is HOLY.

He alone is GOD.

He shares His GLORY with no one.


All of Psalm 29 appears at the end of this short post (next). But these particular images mentioned in the psalm spoke to me, stirred me, quieted me:


ADONAI’s voice over the waters . . . the GOD OF GLORY thunders . . . ADONAI over the rushing waters.

[His might hovering over His creation.]


His voice in power, in splendor, cracks the cedar, flashes fiery flames.

[The magnitude of His voice alone stills my soul. It was His voice that thundered over Israel’s enemies—panicking the Philistines (1 Samuel7:10) and breaking down the Assyrians (Isaiah 30:31).]


His voice rocks, shakes the wilderness, convulses the Kadesh desert.

[The sheer force of His presence changes everything. The desert quakes—the Hebrew likens it to pain (חיל), a woman in travail, as in Jeremiah 6:24. ]


During intercession, my prayers sought the LORD to shake the wilderness—shake us out of the wilderness, the wanderings, the soul’s wilderness wanderings.


Shaking us . . . with testings for faithfulness.


Just a few days later—during Friday night shabbat dinner at a rabbi’s house—that shaking took on physical dimensions. The glass chandelier swayed and shimmied, the artwork shook, the glass dining room table moved from side to side, as did our chairs. Kind of like a Disney ride.


An earthquake tremor, not that typical for Las Vegas. At least in my longtime living here. But I sensed that it was underscoring the Psalm 29 prayer—which continues to stand in the forefront throughout 2020’s tumultuous times.




When you read-pray the psalm (aloud even!), note the call to acknowledge GOD, assigning Him the rightful place in your soul/life, ascribing to Him power and glory—and to praise His power, might. And to pray, asking ADONAI for strength and shalom (a completeness, peace.)


A psalm of David:
Give Adonai his due, you who are godly;
give Adonai his due of glory and strength;
give Adonai the glory due his name;
worship Adonai in holy splendor.
The voice of Adonai is over the waters;
the God of glory thunders,
Adonai over rushing waters,
the voice of Adonai in power,
the voice of Adonai in splendor.
The voice of Adonai cracks the cedars;
Adonai splinters the cedars of the L’vanon
and makes the L’vanon skip like a calf,
Siryon like a young wild ox.
The voice of Adonai flashes fiery flames;
the voice of Adonai rocks, shakes the wilderness,
Adonai convulses the Kadesh Desert.
The voice of Adonai causes deer to give birth
and strips the forests bare—
while in his temple, all cry, “Glory!”
Adonai sits enthroned above the flood!
Adonai sits enthroned as king forever!
May Adonai give strength to his people!
May Adonai bless his people with shalom!

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