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Prayer Requests January 2024: Watchmen Before the Throne

Whether across the globe or next door, our prayer team is a group of fellow believers united as one in our Messiah Jesus.


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Let the battle commence. Intercessory prayer is strategic warring in the spiritual. Seeking God’s face. Seeking His will, direction. Waiting to hear His voice and heart so we know how to pray.


I waited expectantly, patiently for the Lord;

until He reached down to me and heard my cry. —Psalm 40:1


January 8, 2024

11 Listings/Prayer Requests


Adonai, we join David in the words of his Psalm 40: “How much you have done, my God! Your wonders and your thoughts toward us—none can compare with you.”


We bow down to you in gratitude, in humility, seeking your presence in these many requests . . . pierce the darkness, breathe hope and encouragement, release healing and answers, cover us with your wisdom, clarity, and discernment in this late hour we’re in. We intercede on behalf of these listed below in the precious, life-changing, life-giving Name Above All Names, Jesus, our Messiah.



A lovely 81-year-old believer in Jesus seeking His help with fiscal stability, health, direction. She’s doggedly working three part-time jobs and still struggling. Praying God sends the ministry of healing in all levels along with warring angels to supply all her needs in every area of her life for His glory.


Donny Davis

He’s in the hospital with a blood infection, bladder infection, and kidney infection. Father, speak to the minds and hearts of the doctors to know which medication to use . . . but please step in supernaturally to bring total healing and the salvation message in a way that penetrates Donny’s soul, mind, body for physical and spiritual recovery.


Miss Jessee

Abba, let wisdom with discretion fall down upon her like holy rain from your throne. Help her hear your voice in new ways and follow you, not veering off course or leaning to her own understanding. Release the resources to enable her to move forward on this unique journey of yours, canceling demonic assignments and interference so she remains in sync with you on every level.



We cry for mercy. Cody is suffering from a serious condition with his hands making it difficult for him to do his job at times. Also, may his soul hunger for and receive Jesus, our Messiah.



It’s been a long journey finding work. Thank you, Lord, for the gifts and skills you’ve given your daughter Lisa. As she waits expectantly, faithfully, humbly before you, let your will arise and your perfect ways beam forth like the noon-day sun, blessing her at every turn.


Carmella & family

Carm is struggling with health issues of her own plus her entire family—every one of her many brothers are ill; one is quite ill with stage 4 cancer. And her brother-in-law (Tom) just got diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (six weeks of aggressive treatment needed)—and her spouse (Gary) has heart valve issues. Mighty, Glorious King, our Great Healer and Restorer, please cover Carmella and her family with your steadfast love, continual presence, releasing encouragement to these whose hearts have experienced hope deferred along this rugged road. May they be comforted by your Holy Spirit and draw closer to you.



How marvelous you are, Lord! Blessing this brother and his wife with an unexpected pregnancy—twin boys! They’ve had only girls prior. May his wife find rest, healing, and carry them well in full-term for your glory. And may these sons be carriers of your presence all the days of their lives, telling many of your ways, greatness, and salvation through Jesus.


Gene & Toni

My Uncle Gene and my dear sister in the Lord (Toni) need God’s covering. Both are having possible colon issues. El Shaddai, our Mighty God, may you direct the physicians, diagnostics, and outcomes for complete healing so your Name is lifted up and Gene and Toni are blessed.



Walk with your daughter, sweet King. Put your arms around her, teach her, lead her, heal her physically, emotionally, spiritually as she braves through a divorce stirred by her spouse’s emotional and then physical infidelity. Let her know you in new ways that she may walk even closer to you than before as you bring spiritual beauty from these painful ashes.



Abba, your eye is everywhere . . . on the rulers of the earth and the poor. You see the hard work this homeless man does. Bless him. Have mercy on him. Heal his body, mind, and soul and bring stability to him through Your Powerful Name, for you are God our Provider. You and no other.



Flood her life’s walkway with your Holy Spirit. Cover her with your wisdom and discernment as she maneuvers the legalities of child custody and a divorce. Please, Adonai, keep all facets of this process from causing anguish to their six-year-old daughter. May your NAME and ways REIGN through all of this.


God is unwavering. He is with us through the wastelands, the wilderness, the lofty places, the murky waters. Teach us and gather us near to you, Lord.

Adonai is the one who saves the righteous.

He is their stronghold in times of trouble.

He saves them because they take refuge in him.

Psalm 37:39,40b


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